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We are very honored to announce our collaboration with the one and only Alex Smith! On November 18, 2018, Alex's leg snapped on a tackle in the 3rd quarter of a game against the Houston Texans, and not only did the former No. 1 pick nearly lose his leg, but he almost lost his life. Over the next several months Alex underwent a series of surgeries and battled a flesh-eating bacteria, coming face to face with death. He was told he would never play football again, may need to amputate his leg and that he could die. Despite all the odds, Alex chose to stay positive, he chose to fight, he chose to JUST LIVE. On October 11, 2020, two years, 18+ surgeries, countless hours of rehab at the Center for the Intrepid and an immense amount of will to JUST LIVE later, Alex stepped back under center to play again for the Washington Football Team. Alex embodies everything Attitude Is Free stands for. His story is a reminder that life can change in a split second, but your Attitude, will to JUST LIVE and how you choose to respond to adversity will get you through whatever life throws your way. We are honored to have him part of the Attitude is Free family!


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