One man’s journey to build a movement through uplifting youth.

Reaching new altitudes with a positive attitude.

You know that saying “nothing in life is free”?

We’ve never believed that. there are endless free opportunities, but making the choice to take them is a journey you can decide to embark on.

attitude is all about your mindset

It’s your tool to seize opportunity and thrive. It’s your sidekick for working towards the goals you want to achieve in a day, in a year, and in your lifetime.

No one said it was simple.

A bad attitude can easily overcome you, but it will never help you achieve what you set forth for yourself. With the right people and the right tools, you have the power to choose a path that reaps you long-term fulfillment and happiness that doesn’t just impact you, but every person that interacts with you.

Our founder, Brett Hardt, started the movement with a simple black t-shirt with white letters spelling out “Attitude is Free”. The more he wore it, the more people would stop him to ask about it. Whether he was in an airport or at his son’s basketball tournament people were eager to know what his shirt meant.

Brett has always believed that a positive attitude is a standout quality and doesn’t require extra effort to achieve. It can hold you back or spring you forward. It’s the difference between being stressed out and tackling challenges one day at a time. It is the most valuable trait of highly successful people and it’s 100% free.

So, what’s holding you back?

So, what’s holding you back?

What gets in the way of you waking up everyday feeling great? What impression do you want to have on your family, friends, and peers?

How are you making positive changes to your lifestyle?

Attitude is Free is a global movement of people becoming the best version of themselves by choosing a great attitude. We’re creating a movement where people utilize their greatest tool - their mindset - as a catalyst for making dreams a reality. And, it’s become Brett’s legacy.

So, what’s holding you back?

It’s about making every decision intentional.

That’s what Attitude is Free can help you accomplish, while reminding others to follow your lead.

Feel confident, uplift your community, and spark a conversation that can change someone’s life forever through your choice of apparel. With a simple shift in mindset, become an advocate for taking on all of life’s challenges with determination, and succeeding.

Approach everyday like it’s game seven.