Our Story

Attitude is Free Founder, Brett Hardt has always believed that a positive attitude is a standout quality. Despite your circumstances, you have the will to succeed with the attitude you choose to have. Brett was inspired to create a movement that reminded himself and others of the universal message of Attitude is Free. It takes nothing to be a kind human. That’s why Attitude is the only thing that is truly Free.

It all started with a T-shirt. A simple black t-shirt with white letters spelling out Attitude is Free. The more he wore the shirt, the more people would stop him to ask about it. In airports, at his son’s basketball tournaments, even at Disneyland, people were eager to know what his shirt meant. Brett’s message of Attitude is Free began to spread.

We believe your circumstances don’t control your attitude; you do. It’s up to you to be relentless, positive, strong, brave, and motivated. Each day you get to decide how your attitude will either make or break your day.

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